TVB/NHK纪录片《山羊啟泰.Running Along an Icy Cliff:Mountain Goat.2012》

今年是乙未羊年,TVB誠意獻上紀錄片《山羊啟泰》,讓大家更加認識「羊」這種溫順動物。節目帶觀眾到北美洲洛磯山脈,在冰封、陡峭的懸崖邊,尋找「羊」蹤!身軀雪白的山羊,最喜愛在山上跳躍、覓食,而其獨特的身體構造,讓牠們能完全融入高山的生存環境。節目利用高科技的拍攝器材,近距離捕捉山羊在高山上的一舉一動,揭開山羊的特性及生活習性,讓大家見識山羊頑強的生命力! In the Rocky Mountains of North America, steep cliffs were carved by glaciers. A snow-white mountain goat skips confidently along these rocks. Mountain goats’ physical features help them survive in this rocky alpine environment. They have special hoofs that prevent them from slipping and long hair to protect them against the freezing cold weather. Their secret to surviving in the high mountains begins in the summer. In only 2 short months over the summer, young goats must prepare for the harsh winter when temperatures can drop to 40 degrees below zero. Following mountain goats over the four seasons, this program explores their secrets of survival in this severe mountain landscape.

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